Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering, UWI Mona Special Projects Portal.

The Engineering Projects Portal allow students to select their final year project for the ECNG3020 course. Please be reminded that projects have limited capacities and as such, students should make an effort to select their projects as soon as they are posted.

Immediate Past Projects

Academic Year Project Title Student
2021/22 Low Power Wind Turbine Kai CLARKE
2021/22 Solar Light MPPT Charger controller and battery discharge controller with data logger Dervan Miller
2021/22 Smart gloves D'Andra Holness
2021/22 Home gardening Bot Shelloy Davis
2021/22 Chat box with automated ticketing system ALEXANDRA MYRIE
2021/22 Cervical Cancer Detection by use of Deep learning and Histology images Jon-Kristof WILLIAMS
2021/22 Automatic Pill dispenser Jhanille Hurde
2021/22 Solar powered handwashing vending machine Perrice THOMAS
2021/22 Preparation of Blood-Enriched Agar Using Red Cell Suspension to Detect Fastidious Organism Alwain BISASOR
2021/22 Prosthetic arm for upper limb amputee Onandi WILLIAMS
2021/22 Integrated Telecare System Jaleel Morgan
2021/22 A real-time system for detection of drowsy driver using deep learning approach Courtney-Ann HANSON
2021/22 Smart Speaker Audio AuxIn Ronaldo Castanheiro
2021/22 Mailbox Notification System Jolly JOSEPHS
2021/22 Web-based air quality monitoring station Martineil BARTLEY