Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering, UWI Mona Special Projects Portal.

The Engineering Projects Portal allow students to select their final year project for the ECNG3020 course. Please be reminded that projects have limited capacities and as such, students should make an effort to select their projects as soon as they are posted.

Immediate Past Projects

Academic Year Project Title Student
2018/19 Appliance Electricity Consumption in Jamaican Dollars Ackeema JOHNSON
2018/19 Radio Frequency ID (RFID) Door Access System Kadeem Campbell
2018/19 Smart Farming Chrishonne Williams
2018/19 Real-time vehicle tracking using Google Maps Jermaine Dunn
2018/19 Sound to a visual for hearing impaired drivers Jevon Wilson
2018/19 Wireless distributed system for monitoring water parameters D'Angelo Campbell
2018/19 Centralised RFID Asset tracking system Jahmin Chambers
2018/19 Vehicle Pass Mobile Application and NFC Reader Shemar Clarke
2018/19 Automatic License Plate Detection and Alert System Javes Johnson
2018/19 Energy Storage Trevaughn Smith
2018/19 Web based air quality station Adrian ANGLIN
2018/19 Autonomous Lawn Mower Lemonte Seaton
2018/19 Mobile Phone Charging Kiosk Davied COOMBS