Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering, UWI Mona Special Projects Portal.

The Engineering Projects Portal allow students to select their final year project for the ECNG3020 course. Please be reminded that projects have limited capacities and as such, students should make an effort to select their projects as soon as they are posted.

Immediate Past Projects

Academic Year Project Title Student
2020/21 Smart Greenhouse Farming Joel McConnell
2020/21 Chicken Coop Environment monitoring and Control Shane-Paul MCKENNON
2020/21 Town Center Historical Clock Upgrade Akeenu Allen
2020/21 Using Hand Gestures to Control Home Appliances Samuel Hamilton
2020/21 Custom Made Processor Using VHDL and FPGA Sajiv Graham
2020/21 Automated Vehicle Counting Using Image Recognition Davion Lafayette
2020/21 Remote Water Pump Control and Flow Rate Monitoring Jevar Notice
2020/21 AI Navigation System for the Blind Jordan Madden
2020/21 Low Cost Indoor Asset Tracking and Inventory System Mario Palmer
2020/21 Automatic Power Factor Correction System and Energy Monitoring Tiffany Bacchus
2020/21 Online Electronics and Electrical Laboratory System Jordan-Alexander Dawkins
2020/21 Smart Watering System Christopher Stewart
2020/21 Paper based wireless microphone using solar power Joshua Dacres
2020/21 VoIP Telephony System Joshua CHOLMONDELEY
2020/21 Electronic Measurement Using a Smartphone or Tablet Alick Campbell