Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering, UWI Mona Special Projects Portal.

The Engineering Projects Portal allow students to select their final year project for the ECNG3020 course. Please be reminded that projects have limited capacities and as such, students should make an effort to select their projects as soon as they are posted.

Immediate Past Projects

Academic Year Project Title Student
2022/23 Moving Macromolecules Using Electric Current by Manipulating Power Voltage 620129979
2022/23 Rehab Game 620142678
2022/23 Semi-autonomous utility robot for navigating unsafe space 620141792
2022/23 Camera Follow-Me System with Audio Amplifier for Class Rooms 620139250
2022/23 Football Playing Robots 620139653
2022/23 Chicken Coop Environment monitoring and Control 620142185
2022/23 Automated Vehicle Counting Using Machine Learning 620144483
2022/23 Automatic Power Factor Correction and Energy Monitoring System 620139288
2022/23 Single Phase Motor Speed Controller using LabView 620101547
2022/23 Stable 50Hz to 60Hz AC Mains Power Supply 620145051
2022/23 Solar powered handwashing vending machine 620141554
2022/23 Convert Pedal Bike (Bicycle) to E-Bike 620121307
2022/23 Pure Sinewave Power Inverter 620130129
2022/23 Remote Controlled and Autonomous Quadcopter 620107840
2022/23 Wireless Beacon Positioning System 620133775