Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering, UWI Mona Special Projects Portal.

The Engineering Projects Portal allow students to select their final year project for the ECNG3020 course. Please be reminded that projects have limited capacities and as such, students should make an effort to select their projects as soon as they are posted.

Immediate Past Projects

Academic Year Project Title Student
2019/20 Automated Student Registration System Galen HARE
2019/20 Simulate UWI Power Grid using Power World Application Durani BLAKE
2019/20 Vehicle Pass Mobile Application and NFC Reader Justine SHAW
2019/20 Secure Door Access System Miguel TEAPE
2019/20 Real-time vehicle tracking using Google Maps Akilah PRESCOD
2019/20 Stable 50Hz to 60Hz AC Pure Sinewave Mains Power Supply Jordan WRIGHT
2019/20 Electronic Gate Control System Oshain STEPHENSON
2019/20 Motor Vehicle Black Box Andre Ewalters
2019/20 Distributed Electronic Notice Boards Tavar BROWN
2019/20 Restaurant Customer Detection and Support System E-Jon THOMAS
2019/20 Distributed air quality monitoring system Oneil OSBOURNE
2019/20 Electrical Power Grid and SCADA System Akil Jackson
2019/20 3 Phase Motor Speed Controller using LabView Brian Christie